Printed Materials

Educate Tomorrow’s Parents offers two My Life-Plan for Parenting publications – a student workbook and a discussion guide.  We offer convenient bundles of workbooks for classrooms and groups with discounted pricing.

My Life-Plan for Parenting – Student Workbooks (28 pgs, 8.5” x 11” booklet) – Great for classroom use.

  • Enables teens to handwrite and draw responses, facilitating creative expression and differentiated instruction. 
  • These professionally printed workbooks are sturdy enough for long shelf-life, and teens can continue to refer to them and modify their goals throughout their young adult years. 
  • Purchasing printed materials with quantity discounts will save you the cost and time of printing from digital files.

My Life-Plan for Parenting – Discussion Guide (200+ pgs, spiral bound) – A valuable teachers’ companion to the workbook.

  • Includes suggested instructor dialogue for guiding teens through the workbook, enabling you to read student directions and explanations directly from the Discussion Guide.
  • Easier to access and navigate during classroom instruction than the digital version.
  • You can also easily add notes, highlights, and tabs to the printed Discussion Guide.

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