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My Life-Plan for Parenting
Discussion Guide + Student Workbook

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Discussion GuideStudent WorkbookAbout the Curriculum
My Life-Plan for Parenting – Discussion Guide

To aid instructors and parents in guiding their teens through the workbook, this Discussion Guide has been added to the curriculum. For each page of the workbook, this Discussion Guide describes the rationale, objectives, key messages, and suggested instructor dialogue. Activities, teen feedback, and information sources are also included.

These two components of the program (the Discussion Guide and Workbook) can be effectively used by themselves, without slides and other materials, in one-on-one settings – such as parental guidance of teens, home-schooling, mentoring programs, and counseling.

Description: Publication – 200 pgs, spiral bound

ISBN: 978-0-9884240-2-9

Audience: For teachers, parents, counselors, and other instructors

Function: The Discussion Guide enables all adults to support and guide youth as they complete the workbook together.

Prep Time: 1 hour

Program Time: To present and discuss all sections of the workbook, plan for about 4-5 hours with your teens, over two or more sittings.

Content: Provides lesson objectives, dialogue prompts, examples from other teens’ workbooks, resources to help guide teens

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My Life-Plan for Parenting

The centerpiece of the Healthy Foundations’ curriculum is ETP’s practical, easy-to-use workbook for adolescents age 13-19. The purpose of the workbook is to help teens develop personal goals for their future family, as they learn about real-life challenges and are provided information and tools for achieving their goals. Topics such as life goals, relationships, preconception health, shaken baby syndrome, budgeting, child safety, human development, and discipline tool-kits are presented in teen-friendly language. Case studies facilitate problem-solving skills and application of concepts.

Although teens will benefit most if they receive adult guidance while completing the workbook, the workbook has been written in a self-explanatory way, and teens are able to read and complete it independently.

Description: Publication – Booklet format 8.5″ x 11″, 28 pgs

ISBN: 978-0-9884240-1-2

Audience: For all adolescents age 13-21, males and females, of all learning levels.

Function: The workbook enables teens to create a personal life-plan, which they can keep for future reference and continue to modify.

Program Time: For independent teen completion: allow at least 3 hours of teens’ time to complete the workbook. Divide time into two or more sittings.

Content: Includes topics such as life goals, relationships, preconception health, shaken baby syndrome, budgeting, safety, child development, and discipline.

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ETP’s Healthy Foundations for Future Families curriculum

ETP’s Healthy Foundations for Future Families curriculum is intended for youth ages 13 to 19. The content of ETP’s curriculum is research-based, factual, and drawn from multiple disciplines to familiarize students with the many factors that can affect children’s health. It meets Essential Standards for Health Education at the state and national level. It also correlates with emerging education standards that emphasize critical-thinking skills. All cultural and religious values are respected.

The complete program has several components which are outlined in the Curriculum Components Chart.

To maximize flexibility and to accommodate those with limited time and unique needs, the curriculum has modular design (distinct topics) and several components that can be used separately or together. The optimal way to deliver the program is with all of the components, and led by instructors who have completed a Train-the-Trainer program for certification.